In progress, August 2014

Summer is flying by, and between the productive exhaustion of settling into a new job and the unseasonably mild weather, the inside of the house hasn’t gotten nearly as much attention as my picnic blanket and my bike. I’ve also been spending significant time on the balcony, reading and napping.  Adding the church pew has […]


The design decisions that have been made in the hallway by previous owners are confusing at best. The brick wall was plastered over (it’s exposed in some of our neighbors’ units), then painted, then papered, then painted again, then papered in a raised polka dot patterned paper, then painted a fleshy beige. The overall effect […]


After a wholly pleasant and unusually extended Spring, Philly’s heat and humidity has made an appearance in full force. While we’ve put an air conditioning unit in the bedroom for sleeping at night, we’ve resisted turning it on before 10 or putting another one in another part of the house. Frugality and a curious-but-unsubstantiated belief […]


In a dramatic turn of events last project, my drill died! So I borrowed my neighbor’s, and then immediately started researching which one to buy, which is not very dramatic at all. The first had been a hand-me-down, an inauspicious start for any power tool, I suppose, but I used it all the time and […]


When we renovated the kitchen, I had my eye on a particular piece of wood in our building’s basement. Untouched for years, it appeared to be an old support beam from when the twin homes were converted into 6 apartment units in the 1910s. I thought it would make a good shelf along the sink […]


I’ve been on a TEAR around the house recently. Everything has been cleaned from top to bottom, and there’s not a single room where furniture hasn’t been added, removed, or otherwise rearranged. I’d felt like I’d hit a post-moving wall at 90% complete, and it’s good to move past that. I have to take more […]


Impasse is one of those words that I know to see. Apparently, in almost 29 years, though, it’s not one that I’ve said often out loud, because when I trotted it out last week– “The studio has reached an im-pass-ay”– I learned that it’s a two syllable word, just like it looks. Im-pass. Who knew? […]


Guys, I am having one of those NAILED IT! design fail weeks. I started to prep the walls of the studio to paint, but realized I’d have to skim coat most of the room to do a decent job. I started to paint a set of shelves and realized that I was just kind of […]


I finished sewing my second modified April Rhodes party dress just in time for the special occasion deadline I set for myself: our engagement pictures! Saturday marks exactly one year to our 2015 wedding, which seemed like the perfect day to do this. To be honest, I didn’t think that doing an engagement photoshoot would […]


Two of my dear friends got married on Saturday! It was a lovely gorgeous day, and the perfect opportunity to wear the first version of my April Rhodes Party Dress. Or at least that’s what I kept telling myself at 1pm as I frantically flipped through the pages of my serger manual for the first […]


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