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Blog feature on Barn Light Electric!

Guys, I am having one of those NAILED IT! design fail weeks. I started to prep the walls of the studio to paint, but realized I’d have to skim coat most of the room to do a decent job. I started to paint a set of shelves and realized that I was just kind of […]

Framing and a circus show

I hung a picture! The most pithy of home improvements, but when juggling several large in-progress projects at once, seeing even a small thing to its end is very satisfying. It really does make a big difference, though. After Nik carefully transported it home from the Grand Canyon (our one souvenir!), it sat propped up […]

So much to do and things that have been done

Would you be aghast if I told you I hadn’t finished painting the trim and ceiling yet? What if I told you that we’re throwing a party with… (checks RSVPs)… 55-70 people in… (checks calendar)… 9 days? Yikes. Nik’s 30th birthday is on Thursday, and we’re having a huge party on Saturday. And I’ve done […]

I’m a Covergirl! and connecting with other bloggers

I was featured on the cover of the Philadelphia’s City Paper yesterday! Concurrent to my home projects, my knitwear designs, sewing projects and full-time job is another long-running project of mine. I’m an aerialist, a circus acrobat who specializes in trapeze. I work with a performance troupe, Tangle Movement Arts, which is comprised of nine […]

All the knitting!

You guys. My ombrĂ© wall post from July was featured on Apartment Therapy last week! I can’t even tell you how much I love that blog or how crazy excited I am to see the small uptick in drop-bys. Welcome! The beginning of last week found me in sunny, warm San Diego for The National […]

Banner Days

Circus continues to be front and center of my creative endeavors recently. I’ve been working with Tangle: Movements Arts, a group of other aerialists and artists, on some local performances. (Go like us on Facebook! Go! Do it!) Over the summer, we’ve put on monthly shows Clark Park that we call tinycircus. They’re very informal, […]

All things circus

When I’m not making home decor out of silverware and spray paint, much of my free time is spent at The Philadelphia School of Circus Arts. Eighteen months ago, I took my first aerials class, and I’ve been hooked ever since. At the very least, it’s a great way to get into shape. I’ve gone from […]