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Nik’s 30th birthday

We pulled it off! Saturday morning, the dining room was still a work space with paint cans, drop cloths, and hardware all over the floor, but that night, the house was clean and we had 70 people who came by to show Nik love for her 30th and eat cake. There was a LOT of […]

So much to do and things that have been done

Would you be aghast if I told you I hadn’t finished painting the trim and ceiling yet? What if I told you that we’re throwing a party with… (checks RSVPs)… 55-70 people in… (checks calendar)… 9 days? Yikes. Nik’s 30th birthday is on Thursday, and we’re having a huge party on Saturday. And I’ve done […]

Banner Days

Circus continues to be front and center of my creative endeavors recently. I’ve been working with Tangle: Movements Arts, a group of other aerialists and artists, on some local performances. (Go like us on Facebook! Go! Do it!) Over the summer, we’ve put on monthly shows Clark Park that we call tinycircus. They’re very informal, […]

Give me a break

A little obsessed with paper crafts at the moment. And things on strings. That’s pretty much my decorating theme, and it’s starting to look like I’ll be hosting a five year old’s birthday party soon. I made this for myself last night: I would like to make more sassy phrases in pretty colors, but I’m […]

The tree

I’ve taken down the last remnants of Christmas, but I’m still enjoying my tree. Little by little I’ve been redecorating it. I’ve added some pom poms and small balls of yarn (they’re deceptive, they’re actually yarn wrapped styrofoam balls): And I’ve made some more hearts on string from my garland crafting leftovers: pretty, pretty.

For Valentine’s Day and everyday

I think we can all agree, Valentine’s Day is dumb. Or maybe that’s just me? Is my singleness showing? Well, I can get behind the idea of a day reserved for taking the time to show a little extra care to loved ones, but it’s not really something you can buy in a store. I […]