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Stitching up the details

Little by little, we’ve been adding the finishing touches to the kitchen. It’s hard to believe that it’s been a month! Simultaneously, it feels like already and only. Some details! I added two Fintorp rails to the back of the island to keep utensils and cookware close at hand to the stove. They are also […]

Craigslist: my personal worst and best

When I was 20 and vegan and eating an abundance of vegan McMuffins, I answered a Craiglist ad for nutritional yeast. “We’re moving! 5 lbs! Free.” When I showed up on the South Philly doorstep, it was swarming with other Craiglist-free opportunists undeterred by the harried young woman who was watching her things being carried […]

How I turned my studio apartment into a one bedroom

It has been six whole fly-by months since I’ve been living in this apartment, and I’ve reached the point where it feels like a complete space. Not finished! Never finished, but cohesive without many corners that are works in progress. We had a snow day recently, and I used the time to clean, cook and […]

Domestic Science

In 2003, the movie Cheaper By the Dozen with Steve Martin was released. Steve Martin starred as the hapless dad of 12 wild children, hijinks ensued, everyone hugged in the end. Though I was already in my late teens at the time, I watched the movie in hopes that it would bear some resemblance to […]

The creatures and the floor

Or: how to choose a rug when you live with pint-sized wrecking balls. The dog, Abel. And, the cats, Ruthie and Naomi. It’s a lot of feet for our 480 sq ft, but they get along well. With the high ceilings, the cats have perches above the action, and the dog’s a lazy mutt who […]

Eventually I ate dinner

The other night, I walked in the door of my girlfriend’s apartment, with a takeout container of Portuguese barbecue and full intention of flopping onto the couch to watch an episode of Dead Like Me. Instead I wound up re-staging the entry corner after she mentioned that she couldn’t figure out how to pull it […]

The gold wall

They painted the living room gold. Leslie and Jess had wanted blue, but Bill held out for gold, which turned out to be so beautiful that they were glad they had given in. The sun would slant in from the west in the late afternoon until the room was brimful of light. This short paragraph […]

A starbust, ombré wall

  ETA: I’ve gotten so much great feedback on this project since it was featured on Apartment Therapy that I wanted to add an updated glamor shot in the decorated space. Seven months later, it’s still one of my favorite things in my apartment! I painted this section of wall in an hour or so […]

A vertical garden for a hopeless gardener

I kill plants. Over-watering, under-watering, straight up forgotten. I have excelled in every method possible of converting a lush green thing into a brown, dried up, twiggy shell of its former self. I love plants, though, and this is a thing I want to change about myself, so I’m going to give it another go […]

Everything in its own little box

The weather has been stormy, and I feel like a tornado. I am in the thick of it, the part of organization where everything is much messier than it was to begin with. The neatly stacked boxes are all opened and strewn, and I swear they’re beginning to multiply, because no matter how many I […]