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Treasure(d) island

From the beginning of the kitchen design, we envisioned a kitchen island, a place to sit and drink coffee in the morning or a glass of wine while cooking at night. We initially considered the Stenstorp from Ikea, but it was both slightly too big and too much Ikea for the space. I then thought […]

The kitchen series: the before and afters!

I raced home after work to catch the light, but it was a little overcast and fading fast (no friend to me, DST). I still took the kitchen pictures, because we’re beginning to move our things back in and really make it our space, so I wanted to get a set when it was in […]

Kitchen series: the nuts, bolts, and savings

I came home late last night to a finished kitchen. Not a tool in sight, appliances in place, a working ice maker humming away where there hadn’t been a waterline before. Glorious. Nik and I just walked circles around the room, opening and closing the doors and cabinets, excessively delighted by the soft-close feature (go […]

The kitchen series: let there be light!

This was the day that I walked into the kitchen and actually exclaimed out loud. The days prior had been like a slow game of “what’s different between these two pictures?” with subtle, but HUGELY important changes, like rock-solid and level outlets, wall patches, new pipes for the sink, and a mortared subfloor. When I […]

The kitchen series: the demolition and the counter saga

Goodbye, old cabinets and cheap linoleum countertops! We will miss you never! We are nearing the end of the first week of the renovation, and the kitchen is looking pretty bare. The dining room, however… …is absurdly full. I feel like the luckiest person in the world, having a second place to live while this […]

The kitchen series: the great farewell and the Ikea sale loophole

This story starts the same way that many good stories do: she said YES. No, not to that question. But another one equally as close to my paint-splattered heart. Yes to the kitchen renovation. In June, I’d moved into my new apartment, but in August, Nikki and I started talking about moving in together when […]

Craigslist: my personal worst and best

When I was 20 and vegan and eating an abundance of vegan McMuffins, I answered a Craiglist ad for nutritional yeast. “We’re moving! 5 lbs! Free.” When I showed up on the South Philly doorstep, it was swarming with other Craiglist-free opportunists undeterred by the harried young woman who was watching her things being carried […]

How I turned my studio apartment into a one bedroom

It has been six whole fly-by months since I’ve been living in this apartment, and I’ve reached the point where it feels like a complete space. Not finished! Never finished, but cohesive without many corners that are works in progress. We had a snow day recently, and I used the time to clean, cook and […]

A vertical garden for a hopeless gardener

I kill plants. Over-watering, under-watering, straight up forgotten. I have excelled in every method possible of converting a lush green thing into a brown, dried up, twiggy shell of its former self. I love plants, though, and this is a thing I want to change about myself, so I’m going to give it another go […]

The kitchen

I have made it through June, the month of weddings and work trips, packing and moving. All the things! I know that there are five days left, but having made it home from a non-stop whirlwind of a six day trip to Columbus for TNNA, the national needlearts association tradeshow (amazing! exhausting!), my obligation to […]