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New shelves

The very last of the unpacking. It’s happened! You know what happens when two book lovers combine households? Too many cats. And yes, too many books. But really, is there such a thing? (cats, yes, books, never.) After all the boxes were unpacked, even the chaotic studio was tamed. But the piles of books remained. […]

The 90% bedroom

I hope you had a lovely Memorial day! Ours was spent with friends and family, as it should be, with a distinct lack of paint brushes in hand (refreshing), but also a curious absence of barbecue (regrettable). Happily, paint brushes aren’t beckoning yet, as the bedroom is maybe, sort of, close to being done. It’s […]

Lamps and other things that light up my life

I just rewired a lamp! What, it looks really familiar? That’s because I painted it last March (!!!). Rewiring lamps is a simple thing. It only takes a couple minutes, and I even had a lamp kit ready and waiting. But it sat on my side table, looking pretty, but lackluster, until just the other […]

Mismatching Matchings

I painted the second lamp, and I’m really pleased with how it came out. First I went with a turquoise blue, but it wasn’t quite right: So I repainted it an avocado green, and I think that was the better choice: I really like the two of them together: I still have to rewire the […]

I thought you were going to say lamp!

I was an Irish Step dancer growing up, and to me, St. Patrick’s Day meant marching in the local parade, a dance performance at a restaurant or a nursing home and delicious corned beef, potatoes and brown bread that my mom would make. It was always a very family oriented holiday, and I think that’s […]

Happiness times two

I made the luckiest thrift store find today. But first, a bit of backstory (an illustrated tale, if you will). This fall, I discovered the transformative power of paint and began an obsession with lamps. I had these things that I’d trashpicked and acquired at thrift stores: And this lamp: You know when you see […]