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Pretty things

I often feel like I have too many things, ┬ábut that doesn’t really keep me from buying more things. Especially when it’s pretty things at awesome prices. I made out well at the antique stores this past weekend: I am most excited about the gilt gesso frame. I’ve been stalking them locally and online for […]

Silverware, now in technicolor

A while ago, I began collecting vintage silverware. I’d come across it often in thrift stores, heaped in bins, five pieces for a dollar. Nothing particularly special, and probably not much of value, but it appeals to me, and I often wind up bringing home a fresh handful. They sit in jars like metal bouquets: […]

Mismatching Matchings

I painted the second lamp, and I’m really pleased with how it came out. First I went with a turquoise blue, but it wasn’t quite right: So I repainted it an avocado green, and I think that was the better choice: I really like the two of them together: I still have to rewire the […]

Bottle it up

I was walking through the city the other day when I came upon a small shop I hadn’t noticed before. Piled high on the sidewalk were silver serving dishes, rickety furniture and dusty quilts. I made my way inside. The aisles were narrow and the space was overwhelmingly cluttered, and there were treasures everywhere. For […]