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Engagement dress

I finished sewing my second modified April Rhodes party dress just in time for the special occasion deadline I set for myself: our engagement pictures! Saturday marks exactly one year to our 2015 wedding, which seemed like the perfect day to do this. To be honest, I didn’t think that doing an engagement photoshoot would […]

Gay marriage is legal in our home state!

With yesterday’s ruling, Pennsylvania is now the 17th state to legalize gay marriage. The verdict was released yesterday when I was at work, and I had such a hard time not crying/laughing/getting utterly distracted at my quiet desk. After work, I met Nik at City Hall where the Decision Day rally had turned into a […]


A year prior to last Friday, I sat at a table in a tiny, tucked away whiskey bar. It was unseasonably cold, but I wore my favorite mustard yellow dress, short and swingy, layered with tights and a black cardigan. The door opened and I turned, caught her eye as she walked in the door. […]