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The Lottie Cowl

As summer is more decidedly nearing its close, and my home feels more decidedly settled (though not done, never done), my projects are more decidedly detailed, as well. I never really stop knitting or crocheting, even in the summer, but being able to settle in on the couch under a blanket with a cup of […]

Slice of life

Inspiration from a recent trip to Arizona has resulted in these minimal interpretations of dreamcatchers in bright pops of color. I used the light wooden frames from embroidery hoops and crocheted around the outside to encase them in wool. I love the lacy look of the geometric interlacing. Fast, simple, fun!      

Breda’s Cowl

I am so very thrilled that my crochet pattern, Breda’s Cowl, is featured on Martha Stewart’s craft blog, The Crafts Department, today! I love collaborating with my friends, Kate and Courtney, of Kelbourne Woolens, and being able to take part in this project has just been amazing. Road to China Light is, without question, one […]

One toe slip away from toilet paper cozies

There are two things I am obsessed with. Okay, maybe more than two things, but the trapeze, my cats and maraschino cherries aren’t relevant here. What is relevant are wool and mason jars. I love them both and use them whenever possible. I don’t give many gifts for Christmas, but I have two cousins that […]

Holiday Garland

So technically Christmas is over, but for me it just feels like winter has truly began. The garland on my mantal was very summery, crocheted flowers on an knit icord vine: Last night, I watched a couple episodes of Mary Tyler Moore (love. her.) and made myself something more seasonally appropriate out of some odds […]