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The Projectory, the shop

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you’ve heard the news, but here it is, officially officially! I’ll be launching an online shop at the end of the month featuring a collection of modern bags and home goods handmade from vintage and recycled materials. These are just some sneak peeks, I’ll be doing a […]

Marble kitchen accessories, a tutorial!

I’m having a love affair with marble right now. What can I say? It makes me feel fancy, like a super grown-up with super fancy things. It started when we picked out the backsplash, and then Nik’s parents gave us a gorgeous cheese plate for Christmas. It’s too pretty to hide away in the cabinet, […]

One toe slip away from toilet paper cozies

There are two things I am obsessed with. Okay, maybe more than two things, but the trapeze, my cats and maraschino cherries aren’t relevant here. What is relevant are wool and mason jars. I love them both and use them whenever possible. I don’t give many gifts for Christmas, but I have two cousins that […]