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The floor plans

In researching Victorian architecture, I came across a phrase recently that lends a lot of clarity to the puzzle of our floor plan: “double parlor”. Obsessed with appearances and guarded in private lives, it was common in approximately the period between 1876-1915 to have a more formal front parlor for receiving visitors and a more […]

The Befores

It’s been three months and a couple days since closing day, and we’ve undertaken quite a few projects, but few of them feel near completion. We have HGTV dreams, but a DIY network budget, and a couple unglamorous projects- a burst pipe and a roof repair- have distracted our time and funds. The big project, […]

The kitchen series: the before and afters!

I raced home after work to catch the light, but it was a little overcast and fading fast (no friend to me, DST). I still took the kitchen pictures, because we’re beginning to move our things back in and really make it our space, so I wanted to get a set when it was in […]